Testimonials and Endorsements:

“JP Payne and her Associates have worked with many professional and amateur writers I’ve referred, and their responses have been enthusiastic. Whether it’s a first novel, an academic manuscript, or a set of personal memoirs, JP Payne has helped many writers bring their work to completion and to market.”

By Dr. Joe Essid, Writing Center Director, University of Richmond

“There is no way I could have improved my writings without you. I often say to myself, ‘I think JP will like it better this way, but not the way I currently have it written. Therefore, I must change it.’ I am so grateful to you because you empowered me and gave me confidence. You trained me to anticipate what readers would like so they will keep turning the pages of my book. I am fortunate to have you as my editor and cheerleader. I deeply appreciate your superb editorial work. You have transformed my world as a writer.”

By Caleb Oladipo, Ph. D., Duke K. McCall Professor of Mission and World Christianity

“Working with JP Payne has always been a joy because of her love of people and good writing, and because of her consummate professionalism. As a part-time English professor at JSRCC, she was a major influence on her students who found her good cheer and encouragement, coupled with her high standards, of critical importance in achieving their own successes. JP brings these same skills and talents to her work as an editor, focusing intently on the quality of the writing but also offering cheerful encouragement that is based on reality. The clients I have referred to JP have universally thanked me for introducing them to this ‘wonderful person.’ One recently told me that meeting JP had been one of the happiest and most significant events of his life.”

By Dr. Marti Leighty, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College